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ABN: 69 346 868 573

                  PH Home office: 02 6657 1458                                                                                                             Mob: 0428 575 223


The Dorrigo Nursery is located on the  Dorrigo plateau 30km inland from Coffs Harbour.
It is constitued of several propagation units and whitholdings places spread around the Dorrigo township area.

The aims of the nursery are:

  • To disseminate technically sound advice (i.e. species to soil type, establishment methods etc.).

  • To produce vigorous seedlings for sale to the public, and for distribution to research projects, Landcare and other community groups or organisations, private rural landholders, government departments and agencies, and home gardeners.

  • The propagation programs use only best quality seed for the best available provenances.

    Where possible, provenances will be matched with planting sites, with regard to soil type and slope position.

    Our seedlings are grown in

    pop up description layer
    hiko 40 , hiko 24 , forestry tube , large tube , 200mm pot, showing no sign of J-rooting and root spiraling, utilising
    prophylactic (preventive) principles of pest and disease control.

    This site is designed to give you the opportunity of getting some information on seed collection; shelterbelts design etc..
    You can navigate the site using the shopping cart to see what is in stock  : (or what can be ordered)  with an estimate on the costs.

    Shopping around is easy and has no obligation for purchasing. Any selection can be cancelled at any time.

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    Once you have made a decision and have completed the process at the checkout, you will be contacted personally with regards to the availability, delivery arrangement (depending on your location) and confirmation on the amount of your order.

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    Site Assessment for Remnant Vegetation
    Establishing Farm Forestry Plantations
    Design and Establishment of Shelterbelts
    The One Hectare Alternative

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